West Kilimanjaro

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    Size: 1280 sq km (Under Enduimet Wildlife Management.)
  • Distance from Moshi: 135 km.


West Kilimanjaro in located in the north of Tanzania. In the north is bordered with famous Amboseli national park, in the south is bordered with Arusha park and mount Meru while in East is bordered with its majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. It is under Enduimet Wildlife management which act as important part of elephant migratory between Tanzania and Kenya. The area is home of nomadic Maasai people who lives with their cattle among the wildlife.

Most of the area is made up of open savannah, mineral-rich flat pans, acacia woodlands and flat grass land and there are several small mountains that range in height from 1000m to 2000m.

Wildlife frequently seen in the west Kilimanjaro area includes, giraffe, buffaloes, impala, gerenuk, zebras, warthogs, wildebeest, and laser kudus. Also, predators can be seen hear although are very shy, are like hyenas, jackals, leopard, cheetah, and occasionally lions.

The rich birdlife in West Kilimanjaro makes for great birdwatching. Some of the notable species are Masai ostrich, kori bustards, crested francolins, white headed buffalo weavers, tawny eagles, and white-bellied go-away birds. Of course, your bird checklist will fill up quite quickly during your stay.

Best activities you can involve into west Kilimanjaro unlike other parks are walking safari and night game drive. Walking safari accompanied by local Maasai warrior can bring close to local flora and fauna and experience the nature by a true walk that make you find yourself in the heart of the jungle. The night game driver is another experience that one should not miss as is taking you to unseen environment which leaves with puzzle of what going to happen, yet makes you see some wildlife that cannot easily seen during the day. Lastly you can also enjoy the cultural activist from nomadic Maasai real life get the sense on how this tribe co-sist with nature.